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Award Application Information

2021 AWARDS INFORMATION FAQs Judging Criteria

Important Information


  • CATEGORY 1: Student/Graduate Entry
  • CATEGORY 2: Rooftop/Atrium/Balcony Design
  • CATEGORY 3: Residential Design Less than 50m2
  • CATEGORY 4: Residential Design 50-150m2
  • CATEGORY 5: Residential Design 150m2 – 500m2
  • CATEGORY 6: Residential Design greater than 500m2 (Rural, Acreage or Country properties)
  • CATEGORY 7: Commercial Landscape Design
  • CATEGORY 8: Educational/Institutional; Play Space; Community Space
  • CATEGORY 9: Plantscape Design

2021 BEST IN SHOW (Selected from all categories to showcase the best of the best)

Please note that areas indicated are for the area being landscaped, not the total area of the site.

Guidelines & Conditions

Please read the following guidelines carefully!

Are you eligible to enter?

  • To enter the 2021 Awards you must be a full financial member of WALDA.
  • Partners are not permitted to enter the Awards.
  • Students must be a registered WALDA member. TAFE has a Corporate Membership, however students must register individually to qualify to enter.
  • Graduates must be financial members.

When is the entry deadline?

  • All plans, photographs and other material must be submitted online by 5pm Monday 31 May 2021. Payment must be completed when entries are submitted.
  • To take advantage of the Early Bird Deal – All plans, photographs and other material must be submitted online by 5pm Friday 30 April 2021. Payment must be completed when entries are submitted.
  • No late entries will be accepted.

What does it cost to enter?

  • Student/Graduate: $50.00 per entry
  • Designers: $100.00 per entry
  • Early Bird Deal $80.00 per entry – Deadline 5pm Friday 30 April 2021
  • Discount for 3 or more entries less 10% (including Early Birds)

How do I pay?

Entrants to calculate their fee based on the number of entries & the date submitted. Payment to be made by EFT.

How do I lodge my entry?

  • Each entry requires a Folder to be lodged individually through wetransfer.comand emailed to
  • Title the folder with your Member Number, the Category number and Entry Title

When will the Awards presentation be held?

Date and Venue to be advised but it is likely to be in August

Do I need my client’s permission to enter?

You need to have permission from you client to enter the Awards and to use the images of the Entry. A form is not required, however you do need to keep a record of the client’s approval.

Can a design office enter the awards?

  • Either the principal of that office must be a WALDA member, or the office must have a WALDA business membership for a design office to enter the WALDA Landscape Design Awards. All major design contributors from your company must be acknowledged on the entry form, and will be recognised at the presentation evening if your entry wins. A winning award will have your company’s name on it.
  • If an employee of a design office enters the awards independently then they must have been the only contributor to the design and documentation of the entry. The employee must also be a WALDA member. A winning award will have the name of the member on it

What should you include in the entry?

The entry criteria may be different depending on your category, please download the information booklet above and refer your submission checklist.


Entries are judged based on their:

  • clear & correct supporting documentation, plans and planting schedules
  • design creativity and response to brief
  • client satisfaction, realisation and finished product

The Awards Committee has selected a diverse judging panel with extensive knowledge and experience in all fields of the landscape industry. Three judges will be allocated to each category. The members of the Judging panel will be selected both locally and nationally. They will not be entrants in the awards in any category.

To ensure equitable evaluation and judging of projects, a consistent set of judging criteria has been developed. Judges understand that a project may not encompass all aspects of criteria.

Please Note: If you enter a design in more than one category the entries are likely to go to different judges. It is important to include all relevant documents and images with each entry.

  • Gold, Silver and Bronze awards will this year be based on the AILDM scoring method. WALDA has adapted this method to better suit our requirements but scores will be out of 125. This method of scoring may mean several Gold awards in any given category, or it may mean there are none.
  • An Award may not be awarded in every category.
  • An entry that has previously achieved a silver or bronze award can be entered a second time only. The entry must not be an exact duplicate of the original entry. The purpose of this clause is to give the designer opportunities to improve the design or time for plantscape to mature.
  • No correspondence will be entered into and the judges decision will be final. WALDA will not enter into a discussion on the relative merits of winning projects or give feedback on projects that did not make the grade.

For more information please check the Judging Criteria page.

For any other queries, please email your query to