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Frequently Asked Questions

2021 AWARDS INFORMATION FAQs Judging Criteria
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Answers to some commonly asked questions.

Why enter the awards, what’s in it for you?

  • Public and peer recognition of your design expertise
  • Promotion on the WALDA Website – all winners will be added to the Awards Page
  • Social Media – Shout it to the World – WALDA will be sharing all winners on Instagram & Facebook
  • Social Media – As a winner it is an opportunity for you to share your Award of Excellence on your Social Media
  • Your Website – This is another area for you to share your Award (it will be there for many years to come)
  • Professional photos of all award winners with their award/s taken at the Awards Event
  • Excellent marketing opportunity of your achievements
  • WALDA have organised digital logo’s GOLD, SILVER & Bronze for your media use
  • Exposure – the more exposure you and your business receive the greater opportunity for new clients and a variety of projects and designs
  • Confidence – An award is something to be valued, it recognises the skills you have achieved & gives you confidence to discuss those with others

The owners or landscape installer have changed my design. How will this affect my entry?

Yes, this happens. Include details of the design changes with your entry for the judges to take into consideration.

The categories are based on the project size and not budget. How, can a small budget compete with a larger budget?

The budget forms part of the judging criteria, our judges are leaders in their field of expertise and will consider all factors when awarding designs.

Can I get discount for more than one entry?

Yes, we encourage multiple entries and have a BUNDLE DISCOUNT for 3 or more of 10% discount applies, which = $90 per entry. If you take advantage of the Early Bird Deal it will = $72 per entry.

Is there more than one award winner for each category?

  • Yes, this year awards will be based on the AILDM scoring method. Scores will be out of 125 points & calculated as a percentage. A separate sheet clearly represents the points per category.
  • Therefore, in recognition of excellence there may be more than 1 Gold Award per category, more than 1 Silver & more than 1 Bronze.
  • However, you may also find a Gold, a Silver or a Bronze may not be awarded –Awards are not frisbees to be thrown around – the points need to measure up.

If there is only one entry for a category, will that entry win gold regardless of the design’s standard/quality?

No there is not automatic Gold! All entries need to be of a professional standard and meet the judge’s criteria to be in the running for an award.

Why is the judging based on viewing plans and photos rather than a site visit?

Whilst we agree that it would be lovely to visit all the sites, there are difficulties with this, such as:

  • Judges will be local and National – 3 per category. There may be anywhere from 3 to 15 judges to co-ordinate Australia wide.
  • WA based designers may enter designs from intrastate, interstate and overseas, it would be logistically impractical to ask our volunteer judges to visit all sites.
  • With the awards period going back over a number of years, clients may have moved on, be unable to leave work, be FIFO or no longer happy to have people come to their gardens.
  • Covid-19 is another variable – As we have seen it doesn’t take much for Lock Down or Quarantine to happen. We need to ensure the safety of all participants.

Do I have to have professional photography?

No you don’t. However, we strongly recommend using quality photographs to showcase your design/s.

  • All images should be in landscape format (not portrait). They must be supplied in JPEG format at 300 dpi and be between 3500 and 5000 pixels wide. Images should be a minimum file size of 1mb and a maximum of 6mb.
  • Images should be landscape, hi-res and should be a minimum size of 3MB.
  • If you have never engaged a professional photographer, start by discussing your requirements with our Partners –
    Birds Eye Media
    Josh Ball Images
  • Remember to get the most from these photos by adding them to your website, social media etc.

Why do I have to supply my images as Landscape profile?

  • If all images are the same format it is easier for the judges to view.
  • Images of the winning gardens will be displayed on screen at the presentation on the night of the Awards, these will be in a Landscape Format. If your images are not in this format, we are unable to showcase your design in the best manner possible.
  • Don’t let this hold you back though – we would rather you enter with portrait or square images – than miss out on an opportunity to celebrate a fabulous design.

How old can a Design/Landscape be?

  • It is the completion date of the Landscape Design Plan that governs the entry criteria.
  • No more than 4 years from completion of installation. (Installation completed after 1 January 2017).
  • WALDA understands that some clients are ‘Big Picture Thinkers’, engaging in a Landscape Design Plan long before the pad is down and the house completed.
  • Some landscapes are undertaken in stages & some clients are DIYers too. Hence, it may take a number of years for a Landscape Design Plan to be fully installed.

Why am I able to re-enter a Design if it has previously won Bronze or Silver?

  • WALDA recognises that a young garden may not photograph particularly well and it is with maturity that the plant selections and whole design picture come together.
  • In some instances, a Designer may go back and add a feature or change out some planting to improve the original Design.

What is a WALDA Member Number? And how do I get it?

All Designers/Partners/Educators/Students/Graduates have now been issued with a Member Number. You should have received this via email. If you have misplaced your unique number please contact

What is We Transfer?

  • WeTransfer is the simplest way to send large files, plans & images. Share large files up to 2GB for free.
  • You do not need to sign up or be a Pro, just follow the steps
  • Email your entries to through

For any other queries, please email your query to