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2021 AWARDS INFORMATION FAQs Judging Criteria
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This is the information given to all judges and should assist you assess your entry.

Judging Guide: (Overall Score out of 125)

Documentation Part A – Brief and Site Analysis: - Maximum Score 20

This is the written part of the documentation and should include:

  • The Written Statement/Design Brief (max 500 words)
  • Site Analysis, Site Constraints and Opportunities (max 500 words)
  • Scope of Works (max 500 words)
  • Budget

With 10 being adequate and 20 being of exceptionally high standard.

Documentation Part B – Plans and Drawings and photographs: - Maximum Score 25

  • Landscape Layout Plan including specified materials
  • Planting Plan and planting schedule
  • Section, Elevations and/or 3D images
  • Before and after photos: Max 15 images

With 15 being adequate and 25 being of an exceptionally high standard.

Design Evaluation: - Maximum Score 40

Evaluating a design can be subjective but as this is a design competition the scoring is weighted to reflect this. The appeal and quality of the design should be considered, with regard to the brief and other challenges including a limited budget. A considered use of plants (in the design sense) is also an integral part of the overall design impression.

With 20 being adequate and 40 being of an exceptionally high standard.

Plants: Maximum Score 20

Plant selection should be suitable for the environment and selected with a view to the future although it is recognized that many designed gardens are overplanted for an immediate effect. Plant selection should also reflect the wishes of the client and be in accordance with the brief. If there is special soil improvement required for plants selected, this should be noted in the documentation.

With 10 being adequate and 20 being of an exceptionally high standard.

Realisation and Finish: Maximum Score 20

Does the finished garden reflect the design as drawn and meet the client’s brief. Is the client satisfied and if there were any changes to the design during the installation, who made these decisions?

With 10 being adequate and 20 being of exceptionally high standard.

For any other queries, please email your query to