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Award Application

WALDA 2019 Landscape Design Awards

Welcome to the 2019 WALDA Landscape Design Awards. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your exciting Landscape Designs.


  • Category 1 – Student/Graduate Category 1 – Design a small residential courtyard/unit/apartment 4m x 6m (See application for details)
  • Category 2 – Rooftop/Vertical/Balcony
  • Category 3 – Courtyard/Verge/Small Garden up to 50m2
  • Category 4 – Residential 50m2 – 150m2
  • Category 5 – Residential 150m2 – 300m2
  • Category 6 – Residential 300m2 – 500m2
  • Category 7 – Residential 500m2 +; Large Property; Country Property
  • Category 8 – Commercial Design
  • Category 9 – Plantscape Design – Softscape/Planting Plan – No Size Restriction


These should answer a lot of your questions when entering these Awards!

Are you eligible to enter?

  1. To enter the 2019 Awards you must be a current financial Designer member of WALDA (Expires 30June 2019).
  2. To be eligible to receive an Award you must be a current financial Designer member of WALDA (Membership valid 1July2019 to 30 June 2020).
  3. Students/Graduates are only eligible to enter Category 1. They must also be financial members as per above points in 1 & 2.

When is the entry deadline?

Deadline Extended to 4pm Monday 8 July 2019

All entries (plans, photographs, payments and other supporting material) must be received by 4pm Monday 8 July 2019.

Earlybird discount – all plans, photographs, payments and other supporting material must be received by 4pm Friday 31 May 2019.

Fees – Cost of entry/entries? Entry Form acts as a TAX INVOICE upon payment

STUDENT Entry $100 (no earlybird discount applies – completed entry & payment by 4pm Friday 8 July 2019)
DESIGN MEMBERS CATEGORY 2 to 9 – $130 per entry (completed entry & payment by 4pm Friday 8 July 2019)
EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT Category 2 to 9 – $100 per entry (completed entry & payment by 4pm Friday 31 May 2019)
BUNDLE DISCOUNT for 3 or more entries $100 per entry (completed entry & payment by 4pm Friday 8 July 2019)

What should you include in the entry?

The following are essential entry items, helping the judges to understand the site and the design. As judging will be made solely on the basis of submitted material, clarity and detail.

Please Note: Your name or the name of your business should not appear on any plan, or in the main body of the Awards Information.

  1. Documentation (All written documents should be PDF format and printed out, lodged together with your submission)
    Printed application form.
    A name for your entry e.g. Subiaco Project/Peaceful Courtyard (DO Not Use Street Address as a Title). The title is to be used on all documents and images.
    A clearly completed Application form, setting out your client’s brief and design intent.
    All fields to be clearly completed, outlining design intent, constrictions, variations etc.
  1. All entries to include a Scope of Works, including collaboration with companies involved in the design process as well as construction, site location, date of design and installation.
    A maximum of 10 photos, to include:- 1 x A4 Hero Shot – all other supporting photos to be size 102mm x 152mm. Please include a range of photographs to fully visually describe the elements which are covered by the entry. Clearly label the back of the photo. Category Number/Project Name. The project name and image number are to be written on the back of the photo and labelled when uploading all images. Photos must not be mounted on board or cardboard. CONSIDER USING A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE BEST RESULTS. PHOTOS MUST NOT BE DIGITALLY ENHANCED OR EDITED. Photographs will be used as WALDA determines in Social Media and for advertising purposes. Client’s names will not be used in conjunction with any of these images. NOTE: Images must be supplied in JPEG format at 300dpi, and be a minimum of 3500pixels. Images should be hi-res and should be a minimum size of 3MB. Please ensure your photographs do not identify the applicant, including through truck or clothing signage. If your photographs have been taken by a professional photographer other than the entrant, please label them accordingly so we can acknowledge them correctly. WALDA is not responsible for crediting photographers if you do not supply this information.
  1. Plans and drawings to clearly illustrate the design.
    Landscape design plan to include specified materials (Hardscape)
    Planting Plan
    Section elevation or 3D images – if applicable
    Plans must be to scale
    Plans must show a North Symbol
    Plans must show a title block, however please remove your company details from this. It is OK to leave client details and address.
  1. How old can the design be?
    The last WALDA Awards were held in 2014. Therefore, on this occasion only Designs may date back to January 2015. It is intended Awards become a biannual event and this time line will not apply for future Awards.
  1. Client’s Signature
    A signed form is not required from your client, WALDA will not be entering any premises to judge these awards.
  2. Judging
    The WALDA Committee has selected a diverse judging panel with extensive knowledge and experience.We are excited to announce the Judges for the WALDA 2019 Landscape Design Awards, they are:

    • Janine Mendel, Cultivart
    • Matt Lunn, CEO NGIWA
    • Tristan Peirce, tristanpeirce Landscape Architecture

    The judges’ word is final.
    Category 1 – There will be only 1 winner.
    Categories 2 – 9 There will be Gold, Silver & Bronze Awards.

    All entries need to be of a professional standard and meet the judge’s criteria to be in the running for an award.

    Should there be only 1 entry, which meets the judges criteria that entry shall receive a Gold Award.

  1. Open viewing
    A time and place shall be advised where you will be able to view all entries.
  1. Awards Night
    When – Saturday 10 August
    Where – QT PERTH
    Time – 6.30pm to 10.30pm
    Style – Cocktail Event
    Accommodation – A discount will be available in the Hotel for accommodation, subject to availability
  1. Submission
    All entries must submit a hard copy of application form, plans, supporting documentation, A4 photos.
    A USB must be included 1 USB per entry, showing plan, documentation, photos, completed form.
  1. Submission address
    Postal Address: WALDA, PO Box 2375, Kardinya WA 6164
    Delivery To : Kate Elliott – During the business hours of Green Earth Enterprises, Unit 3/72 Solomon Road, Jandakot WA 6164.
  1. Point of contact if you need help
    Kate Elliott –
    Sue Barnett
    Linda Mitchener