WALDA Smart Phone Photography Master Class

About this event

This hands-on workshop will introduce you to a range of design principles and practical skills that will help you take more interesting and professional landscape and architectural photographs with your smartphone. You will learn:-

  • 1) The makings of a great photograph
    • a) Lighting
      • i) how to ‘read’ and use light
      • ii) mood and atmospherics
      • iii) shooting in difficult lighting conditions
      • iv) artificial light and colour temperature
  • b) Design/Composition – ‘Shooting with Intent’
    • i) leading lines and perspective
    • ii) how your lens choice can impact on on the photo
    • iii) lens distortion and lines of convergence
    • iv) point of interest and the ‘hero’
    • v) taking a different and more interesting view
    • vi) shooting for a cover
  • 2) Controlling your Smartphone camera
    • i) Why and when you need to take control
    • ii) Sharpness, focus and exposure
    • iii) Being creative
  • 3) Equipment and accessories
  • 4) Editing to enhance

WALDA – Smartphone Photography Master Class image

When: 9.30am to 1pm Thursday 21 October

Tea/Coffee + light refreshments available from 9.15am

Where: Derbal Yerrigan Swan House at Goolugatup Heathcote, Applecross WA

Tickets limited to 25 participants.

WALDA Members $50 per person

Non- Members $75 per person

Ticket Sales Close: 4pm Monday 18 October 2021